‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Passes $2 Billion At The Box Office


James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, officially passes $2 Billion at the global box office. The current number over this past weekend is $2.024 Billion total with $562 Million domestically and $1.426 internationally.

When the film was originally approaching release director James Cameron claimed that in order for the film to ‘break even’ at the box office that it needed to be the fourth or fifth highest grossing film of all time to turn a profit. This was due to a highly inflated budget that in his words was “the worst business case in movie history“.

Though that number has been heavily debated that no longer seems to be an issue as it is current placed at number 6 on the top 10 highest grossing films of all time (before being adjusted for inflation). It will most likely surpass Avengers: Infinity War (Number 5) and perhaps even Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Number 4) within the next couple of weeks.

Initially, upon the film’s release, the opening weekend preformed below expectations, making only $134 Million when it was originally expected to make over $175 Million. This cause a knee-jerk response at the stock market which caused Disney’s stock price to drop from $90.04 a share to $85.76

This whole situation mirrors the first Avatar film from 2009 as it took word of mouth after the first couple of weeks to lead to high box office returns.

Though the film most likely won’t reach the nearly $3 Billion of the first film we can definitely see it sit within the top 5. It will be difficult to dethrone James Cameron’s own 1997 historical epic Titanic. James Cameron is now the first director to have three movies that passed $2 Billion at the box office.

With Avatar 2‘s success we can definitely see Disney’s interest in doing more sequels beyond Avatar 4. What do you think they’ll be called? Avatar: Forged in Fire? Avatar: Trial of the Tundra? Avatar: The Path of the Plains? Let us know.

Source: Deadline 

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