Annual Passholder Preview of Tron Lightcycle/Run


Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members have started their previews of the newest Walt Disney World attraction, Tron Lightcycle/Run at the Magic Kingdom. On February 16, 2023. DVC members and Annual Passholders were able to register for one hour slots to experience Tron Lightcycle/Run. I waited nearly an hour and a half to be directed to the screen to select a time to experience the attraction.  The process was very similar to the previews of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. I knew I wanted a time slot early in the previews, a day not blocked out for my Pirate Pass, and a nighttime slot to truly experience the attraction with all the lighting.  I was able to snag March 4th, which was the first day of previews, from 6:30pm-7:30pm for my family.

My family entered the park around 4:00pm and experienced some other attractions before making our way to the line for the preview. The line was extremely long stretching from next to the entrance to Space Mountain to all the way in front of the Tomorrowland Speedway. There was a cast member there letting guests know that the line was available for the guests in the 6:30-7:30pm preview. My daughter and I waited patiently, but when the line started moving; it moved quickly. Cast members at the front of the line were checking Annual Passes and pulling up the reservations on their iPads. We continued onto the front of the line and were scanned again.

From start to finish, we waited about an hour to ride the coaster once. The line is directly under the coaster and bubble like structure that changes colors due to the different color teams racing Lightcycles. The line was lengthy, but the ride was worth the wait especially since day was transitioning into night.

Directly under the coaster in the line.

The structure in which the Lightcycle zooms out of is quite expansive. While waiting in line, guests will see it occasionally change colors and also have shapes outlined.



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When you get closer to the entrance of the ride, you will see test seats for the cycle.  Since a lot reviewers talk about fitting into the coaster’s vehicle, if you feel a need to try to test seat – they are there to try. A lot of people were taking pictures in it especially with children whom probably could not ride the attraction. The height requirement is 48 inches. I did notice a lot of parents potentially making use of a Child Swap option waiting outside the exit of the attraction.

Right before you enter the building to the attraction

Guests are given access to “Enter the Grid” for Team Blue. The lighting in most of the queue is blue themed as guests are on Team Blue. Once you enter the building, you are ushered through several hallways decorated in blue coding. Then, you are brought to a preshow holding area. The preshow holding area does not hold many guests. I’d guesstimate that there were about twenty people in there including my daughter and I. This was my favorite area of the queue because of the graphics and the final reveal.  See the preshow video:



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Guests are then taken into another winding queue where the directions are given for the attraction from a member of Team Blue. She walks guests through the dos and don’ts of the attraction, backstory, and other necessary information before you are taken to a hallway full of lockers for storage.

Guests are told to store all large items into the free lockers that open and close with your Magic Band. Those traveling with just cell phones, sunglasses, and other small items are told to store then in a small compartment on the Lightcycle. I used the compartment for my glasses and my cell phone, and both were perfectly fine at the end of the attraction.

Nifty Loading Procedure Guideline when you are ready to board the Lightcycle

Once you are done with the lockers, you are on the last leg before boarding the Lightcycle.  It is a quite a dark room, and the guests behind me kept remarking on the lack of cell service in the building. Then, you are put into a row and almost ready to go!

Guest Lockers before you get on the attraction. You are ushered back through this area to exit to get your items. When the locker is hit blue, it is in use.

If you are on the further Lightcycle, you will need to cross behind the cycles to mount your ride vehicle. I had no problem fitting into the vehicle. Online, the main complaint I have heard is about the calves fitting. However, if you do not fit in the test vehicle, there are several ride vehicles that have a back row with a regular roller coaster type seating arrangement. Guests asking for the different seating arrangement were asked to wait in a different line as not all ride vehicles have the different seating arrangement.

Getting ready to ride!

Once you are released from the station, you are taken to a launch point and rocketed out of the building and out into the bubble structure. What you see on the outside, is the beginning of the attraction. You are then pushed back into the building to “enter the grid.”  Many comments I have seen online is that the attraction is short. I tend to agree, but my daughter and I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Inside the building there are many twists and turns where you can see other Lightcycles in the grid. There are screens with various scenes and dialogue to encapsulate you into the attraction’s theming. Riding the Lightcycle as designed allows for a different experience and feeling when twisting and turning throughout the grid.

Overall, it was short, yes. However, I still enjoyed it.

I recommend riding it when it officially opens on April 4th, especially at night.  I am sure it will open with a Virtual Queue much like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind did.  Perhaps Tron Lightcycle/Run opening with a virtual queue will end the virtual queue at Cosmic Rewind? A cast member outside of Cosmic Rewind the weekend before suggested that this may be the case.

We were exited behind the Barnstormer into Storybook Circus with an option to take a picture with the marquee of the attraction.  We were only able to experience the attraction once in the time we were allotted for the preview.

Annual Passholder previews continue throughout the month of March.  Are you ready to ride Tron Lightcycle/Run?  Let us know in the comments.

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