Ample Hills Creamery Will No Longer Operate at Walt Disney World


I have sad news for those of you who loved the Ample Hills Creamery on the Boardwalk near EPCOT.  That location and the location coming to Disney Springs will not be opening as Ample Hills Creamery will no longer operate at Walt Disney World.

Before the parks shut down on March 20th, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 16th. Then on July 10th a press release was issued that stated Schmitt Industries had acquired the business for $1 million. Even more interesting is that Schmitt Industries is a tech company.

Schmitt plans on reopening nine locations and reopen their Brooklyn factory. They also plan on rehiring some of their employees for this endeavor.

Here’s the statement from Schmitt Industries CEO Michael Zapta:

“The safety and well-being of our Amployees is of the utmost importance as we reopen retail locations in the greater Brooklyn and New York Area. Their engagement with our loyal customers daily, the excellent flavors and stories built into every pint of ice cream, and the brand’s effortless nostalgia make up this special company.

On behalf of the Board, we are excited to bring the Ample Hills team back, and we believe our focus on operational efficiency and investing in the brand will benefit this beloved business and allow us to navigate these unprecedented times as we create a path to long-term profitability and growth.”

Attractions Magazine apparently reached out to the company to determine if the Walt Disney World locations were included in the ones reopening and they received this answer from a spokesperson:

“Prior to the acquisition, the Disney agreement with Ample Hills creamery ended (back in January.) As a result, Ample Hills will close at Disney’s BoardWalk and the proposed Ample Hills location at Disney Springs will not open later this year.”

Ample Hills Creamery will not reopen at Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk and the new location will not be added to Disney Springs. I’m sure Disney will find another business to fill the vacancy on the Boardwalk, or add something of their own, at some point.

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