Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Closing in Universal Japan Could Pokémon Rumor Be True?

(Image Source: Universal Japan)

Universal Japan has announced that their ‘Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man’ attraction will be closing on January 22, 2024. They are launching a six-month “goodbye” starting on July 4, 2023. But this has people asking, “Could the rumors about Pokémon replacing Spider-Man be true?”

The rumors started a couple of years ago. Pokémon was rumored to eventually replace ‘Spider-Man’ with a similar augmented reality experience.

While many questioned the rumor about the pocket monsters coming to Universal parks state-side, it is interesting to note that Universal Japan does have the right to use Pokemon. They have a new “No-Limit! Parade” that does use the brand already. So moving it over to an attraction might be something they can do over there.

Perhaps it’s a test before expanding the license to the United States? Personally, I hope so. Spider-Man is always a crowd-pleaser, but lately, people have been growing weary of the glut of superhero films. Changing it up to Pokémon might give Disney a run for its money. However, keeping Spider-Man away from Disney in Florida could be a reason to keep him at the attraction.

Maybe if they bring Pokemon to Universal Japan and they want to keep Spider-Man in play at Universal Orlando, they could add the characters to another area.

Interestingly enough, one of our writers has also heard that  ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is another title brought up in regards to a ‘Spider-Man’ replacement in Japan. However, it was also rumored that ‘Legend of Zelda’ could be coming to ‘Poisdon’s Fury’ in Universal Orlando, which has recently closed.

If they got both Pokémon and Link on top of Mario and Donkey Kong, it would be amazing!

Of course, Universal being Universal, we likely won’t know what’s going to happen until they start working on it. They are notorious for keeping their plans close to the vest when it comes to attractions. Just look at the Velocicoaster. They weren’t making the announcement on that one even while the track was going in.

As of now, it’s all speculation and rumor, but it’s sure fun to imagine “what if?”

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