All Hallows Hula Boo-Tique in Islands of Adventure


Universal Orlando has a penchant for seasonal themed merchandise locations like a “Tribute Store.” The Islands of Adventure version started last year as with the “All Hallows Eve Boo-Tique.” This themed merchandise location residing on the edge of The Lost Continent and Hogsmeade continues to change based on season. We got a holiday version. Then, it transformed into a Mardi Gras/Voodoo version.

Debate grew over what theme would be between Mardi Gras and Halloween Horror Nights Season. The initial rumor revolved around some form of Classic Monsters theme. In addition, that developed as the expected theme for the primary “Tribute Store” location in Universal Studios Florida at the same time. Soon after that, a rumor grew about this “Boo-Tique” becoming a tiki style lounge. Fittingly on Friday the 13th, we found out that both rumors possessed truth.

The new “Boo-Tique” is called the “All-Hallows Hulu Boo-Tique.” Apparently, the Universal Classic Monsters take a vacation during the summer. The vibe inside the store gives off a strong tiki style vibe.

As guests enter the merchandise shop, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride set the scene. They function as your welcome to the shop. They sport some beachwear. Surfboards can be seen in various places. Many other themed element-like floral leis, posters, and tiki themed items will catch guests’ eyes.  The surfboards are themed to The Bride with Frankenstein’s Monster on one. Another features Wolfman and Gill-Man (Creature from Black Lagoon). Some other surfboards appear like a monster bit them.


Once guests get farther within the store, they see The Wolfman driving a hearse with those surfboards on the side. The Gill-Man features a large hat with an outfit giving off an old school detective vibe. Many other monster and tiki themed décor will captivate your attention when you look around this shop.

The continued effort by Universal Orlando to make new themed merchandise opportunities that function as walkthrough attractions is amazing. I hope they continue this pattern to show off their intellectual properties and seasonal themes. This “Boo-Tique” should hold everyone over nicely until Halloween season. Of course, Halloween season in Orlando starts about the middle of August. That will give us a few months to enjoy this current “Boo-Tique.”

(Photo credit: WDWNT)

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