A SDCC Exclusive Wolverine? More Like WolverMeme, Amirite?


Cal Dodd was a great Wolverine. Unfortunately, my first experience with the character on screen was in Pryde of the X-Men, where he sported a very out-of-place Australian accent. Having read the comics for a few years before that, the choice left me scratching my head for a long time. Then 1992 came around, and the animated series set everything right.

Then, the long-running cartoon about Xaviers secret mutant task force never got its own dedicated toy line for whatever reason. Sure, Toy Biz was hauling in cash with the comic versions of the characters, but the Saturday morning team was different and deserved as such.

29 years on, and we’re just now getting some cel-shaded X-Men … even if it’s mostly to reference a meme. The sad/forlorn/jealous/crushing Wolverine meme is a thing. Now, it is also a toy. A huge toy. A 12″ tall toy judging by the images we saw at Figures.com.

Mondo, known for their awesome Masters of the Universe 1/6th scale figures, delivers Logan, complete with multiple heads, hands, effects, and the meme-able picture frame.

Fox | Marvel | Disney
Fox | Marvel | Disney

Yeah, he looks sweet. You cannot deny it. The shading and color choices are spot-on for the animated look, too. OK, I’m sold. Now, where’s bikini Rogue and swimming trunks Gambit?

Wolverine comes with the following accessories:

  • Limited Edition Sad Masked Head
  • Neutral Masked Head
  • Angry Masked Head
  • Logan Unmasked Head
  • Morph Head
  • Picture Frame with Scott and Jean Photo
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Leg

The only thing that looks off is Morph’s head. Maybe it’s just the angle, but I remember his jawline and chin being slightly different in the cartoon. Either way, this is not bad to kick off what could become an ongoing 1/6th line of animated X-MEN figs.

ShopMondo.com is the place to pick up sad Wolverine. He will be available for pre-order this Friday, July 23rd, at 12 PM CT. Poor, depressed Logan is a bit pricey. He will set you back $200. Well worth it for a physical representation of a meme, don’t ya think, bub?[Source: Figures.com]

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