5 Reasons to Dislike Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Palace Disney Springs Area


Perhaps you find yourself wanting to visit Walt Disney World, but the prices seem outside your budget. You decide to visit but will look for savings such dining and accommodations off-site. You heard about some good deals at Disney Springs area hotels. Bring part of the Hilton reward program, you decide to find out more about the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Palace Disney Springs Area. Despite that long hotel name, you prioritize more research about this place. Though there are several reasons to love this place, there exist numerous reasons to dislike it.


Yes, I respect that I am merely a theme park blogger, but time has passed by several parts of this hotel. In many of the rooms, the door handles are faulty. The bathroom fixtures deserve to be updated in several rooms. The balcony areas provide adequate but outdated features.

Areas like gift shop and arcade could serve as sets for an 80s or 90s TV show. Many of the common areas resembled outdated design. In fairness, having a fully renovated up to date hotel borders on being impossible. Still, in the competitive game of Orlando area accommodations, this reason concerns many guests.


As usual, a HUGE negative involves the resort fees travesty. The resort fee here cost $35/night. This fee must be paid. This practice of sneaky extra fees runs throughout the industry but lacks genuine honesty in pricing. To this hotel’s credit, they do list a few advantages of this resort fee such as some complimentary beverages. Many other hotels fail to even offer than for a high resort fee. Having said that, guests must budget over $200 additionally for a week-long stay. Please watch your final price closely


Yes, this hotel offers theme park shuttles. For record, they claim this as part of resort fee. Shuttles to the theme park offer some guest excellent value. However, these “free” shuttles are stress to some unprepared guests. The shuttles will drop you off at the Transportation and Ticket Center for a Magic Kingdom visit so prepare for more time. These shuttles will also make lots of stops. You will need to budget far more time if using them. In addition, the shuttle only runs every hour from 12-6 each day.


Though generally a relatively quiet hotel, some areas have noise issues. Understandably, the rooms near the pools experience significant noise. Also, the rooms near elevators and ice machines experience far more noise than would be expected for a hotel of this type. I suspect the hotel room doors lack expected amount of sound proofing.


This hotel, like most, struggled with food service due to recent cultural conditions. Yet, this place offers a wide variety of food choices. That serves as a plus. The problem involves that fact that operating hours even now are inconsistent. Guests enjoy the food here but express confusion about operating hours. If planning to dine here, make sure you have confirmed dining hours and dining options.

An Orlando area vacation bring lots of value. Still, the stress of an Orlando area vacation grows each year. As you are making your accommodation decisions, every option has pros and cons. As well as you can, try to find out what you can live with and what you cannot. Hopefully, this quick survey of dislikes helps.

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