Super7 Offers Up “Early Enlistment” ‘Lightyear’ Action Figure Set


The merchandising blitz has begun with Pixar’s Lightyear just a month away. Of course, the standard range of toys has found its way into retailers, but what about the collectible market? If you’re a fan of Super7’s retro-styled ReAction figure line, Buzz and his friends are headed that way.

Super7 is offering what it calls the “Early Enlistment Bundle.” It’s similar to Kenner’s 1977 Star WarEarly Bird Certificate.” For $75, you’ll receive several items, including a Star Command patch, decals, a ReAction figure display stand, and four Lightyear ReAction figures.

Like the “Early Bird” gimmick, it’s important to note that Super7 states that the four 3.75″ ReAction figures will ship separately and at a later time than all the other items. The characters you’ll eventually get are Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear, Commander Alisha Hawthorne, Jr. Zap Patrol Mo Morrison, and Personal Companion Robot Sox.

Enlistment is a two-part process. Upon registration, your recruitment envelope will ship to you right away. This will contain your Early Enlistment Certificate, Star Command patch, recruit card, decal sheet, and display stand. Following completion of your training, you will receive the set of four ReAction Figures, packaged together in a special box, that will ship directly to you later this year.


Here’s what you’re getting for $75.00:

  • Early Enlistment Certificate [Bundle Exclusive]
  • Galactic ReAction Figure Display Stand [Bundle Exclusive]
  • Star Command Recruit Card [Bundle Exclusive]
  • Star Command Decal Sheet [Bundle Exclusive]
  • Star Command 3” Embroidered Patch [Bundle Exclusive]
  • Early access to four Lightyear ReAction figures (shipped separately):
    • Buzz Lightyear
    • Alisha Hawthorne
    • Mo Morrison
    • Sox

I’ll credit Super7 for using Kenner’s “oh crap; we don’t have the toys made yet” strategy for Lightyear’s June 17th release date. What do you think of the “Early Enlistment” idea for toys that aren’t yet ready to hit the market? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Super7]

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