Review of Web Slingers at California Adventure

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When you go to a theme park, you don’t think that you’ll get a good arm workout. However, when you intend to ride Web Slingers at California Adventure that’s just what you are getting – an arm workout.

Others may argue that you get a good arm workout on Toy Story Mania. I agree, you do. However, it’s one arm. You control the toy gun with one arm. On Web Slingers, in order to get a great score you’ve got to use two arms. You are constantly “shooting webs” to assist Spider-Man clean up the mess of the replicating Spider bots as not to destroy Avengers Campus.

Essentially the story line is that you are visiting the WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) to enjoy an Open House to look and experience all of their technology. Peter Parker greets guests with SHARON – his AI assistant. During your visit, you are to experience the WEB Slinger, however, the open house doesn’t go as planned with the Spider Bots replicating at an alarming rate and destroying everything in their path. Peter Parker is becoming increasingly stressed about this, and eventually leaves to look for Spider-Man when SHARON calls him. Spider-Man appears and asks for the help of the Open House guests to get this replication situation under control. Guests get on the WEB SLINGER, and chaos ensues with thousands of Spider bots battling against Spider-Man and the guests of the Open House.

Photo credit: Disney

The technology of the attraction has guests using their arms to shoot webs like Spider-Man at the Spider bots.  You wear 3D glasses just like Toy Story Mania. When you get into the vehicle, you are synced to a color and your webs come out that color for ease of noticing your specific webs. You are constantly shooting like on Toy Story Mania, but this time with both arms. You have three different sequences of web slinging while on the attraction. The threat of the Spider bots grows larger each time because they ate some of the “alien goo” as Peter Parker calls it to make them stronger.

When you finally defeat the Spider bots, the attraction ends, scores are tallied, and all the scores are added together in the vehicle which seats 4 on each side of the two sided vehicle. I noticed you get more points or bonuses for the harder to catch or the more powerful Spider bots.

Photo credit: Disney

Some fun things I noticed in the ride:

  • At the first loading station, there is a window at the top in which you can only see shadows of what’s behind it. Behind the glass must be a Groot plush. I found that to be a nice touch or just someone lost it and a cast member put it up there.
  • Near the attraction and by the obligatory souvenir shop just outside the attraction, you’ll find Spider bots on the walls covered in web.
  • SHARON, Peter Parker’s AI assistant, talks like she is talking to a teenager. I loved this addition being that Peter is a teenager. She says “legit crazy” among other fun phrases during the attraction. Some how I don’t see Jarvis or Friday saying either of those things to Tony Stark.

My daughter and I rode it twice when we last visited because we wanted to experience it again. There is no virtual queue any longer (but this is subject to change) for Web Slingers, and stand by times can be long. You can utilize Genie+ or Disability Access Passes on it in the Lighting Lane. It is worth the wait if you are using the stand by line. I found the attraction to be fun and thrilling.

Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort also has a Spider-Man ride that is quite thrilling. I have read a lot of negative comments about Web Slingers not living up the the nearly 20 year old attraction at Universal Orlando. As someone who has worked at Universal Orlando and has rode that ride numerous times, I agree that the UO ride sets a high standard as you follow Spider-Man around the city with 3D glasses. I enjoy the tumbles and spills that you take along with the special effects this ride has such as the fire and water effects.

Despite the comparison to the Universal attraction, I still enjoyed Web Slingers for what it was.

Here’s a complete ride through thanks to Theme Park Insider:

Have you been on Web Slingers? What did you think? Comment below and let us know.

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