Disney Realizes “Star Wars” Sells When It Comes To “The Mandalorian”


During the Q2 Investor call, CEO Bob Chapek was very happy to let investors know that not all IP needs to release theatrically to be successful and then used ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney+ as a prime, and exciting, example.

Imagine that. ‘Star Wars’ merchandise can sell when it’s actually something fans like or want. What an idea.


It’s almost like people will buy merchandise when it’s for something they actually like.  When our local stores got “The Mandalorian” merchandise it sold out almost immediately while other “Star Wars” merchandise is still sitting on the shelves.

I want to take this as a positive revelation, but I fear it’s just going to translate to “Star Wars” on Disney+ is popular so make more merchandise because it will sell.

That may be true for some more popular shows, but it’s not necessarily going to be the same across the board. The show has to actually resonate with fans and if the creators and show runners can keep the shows in line with the “feel” of Star Wars, and stick to excellent characters and story they most likely do well.

Of course this is my opinion. I just thought it was ironic how exited Bob Chapek seemed to get with the idea that not everything has to be theatrically released to sell merchandise.

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