Depp’s Youngest Attorney Has Profile Removed From College Over Amber Heard Supporters


This isn’t something I would normally write about on a Disney blog, but it’s so wrong that I feel it needs covered. I’m sure by now all of you know about the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard public trial. For some reason Amber Heard supporters have it in their head that supporting women only applies to Heard. They went as far as to harass a university until they removed a profile about their past student who was on the Depp legal team.

This is wrong!

Here’s what happened:

The City University of New York (CUNY) had posted a profile story on their blog about a graduate named Yarelyn Mena.  She had graduated from the university’s Hunter College in 2015 and then went to Fordham University for her law degree.

She is now an associate at the law firm that represented Johnny Depp during the recent trial, and she was the youngest lawyer on the team at age 29, something to be proud of. If you take Depp and Heard personally out of it, she was the youngest lawyer on the legal team of a very high profile case. If I were that university I would be very proud of her and I would post about her on the university blog too.

Because of the piece, some that support Amber Heard took to harassing the university about the post. It was a profile about their successful student that likely included far more about her than this trial. The same types of people have tried to get YouTubers removed for covering the public trial claiming they were swaying people. No. If you watched the trial, it was the evidence that swayed people.

Some of her supporters have allegedly gone as far as to call the FBI and non-emergency 911 number on one YouTuber.

After the harassment the university took it down. CUNY caved and didn’t support their former student, who is the daughter of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic. If I were a potential student and saw this, I would question going to that university. The first sign of pushback and they throw their student under the preverbal bus.

The Depp trial was only part of the student’s life. What about her other accomplishments? Would it have been removed if she was on Heard’s legal team? Women should be supported or believed unless they appear to disagree? I know a lot of domestic abuse victims supported Depp. In fact he provided evidence of being abused himself. So only women are abuse victims then?

The University put out this statement after removing the woman’s profile piece:

We appreciate everyone who shared their concerns about a CUNY blog post shared in our newsletter featuring a recent graduate who worked on Johnny Depp’s legal team. We understand the strong negative emotions this post elicited from members of the CUNY community, particularly survivors of domestic violence and those who have been affected by it, and apologize for publishing it. We have removed it from our CUNYverse blog to avoid upsetting others or triggering traumatic experiences. The piece and especially the insensitive way it was promoted in the newsletter was not meant to convey support for Mr. Depp, implicitly or otherwise, or to call into question any allegations that were made by Amber Heard. Domestic violence is a serious issue in our society and we regret any pain this post may have caused.

The school was not conveying support for Depp, they were supporting a student who happened to be on that case.

It even caused another professor to call out the university on Twitter:

I’m sorry but this is getting out of hand. The court ruled against Heard twice. Depp provided proof and claimed abuse as well. One could argue the attorney was fighting against domestic abuse too.

One thing is for sure this kind of behavior is not helping Amber Heard’s image at all. Maybe the people behind this, who claim to support her, need to stop before she is not employable anymore.

Going after a university newsletter over their support of a female student. The double standard is highly ironic and it’s actually causing the opposite effect of what they claim they want.

Source: Cinema Blend,

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