You Can Now Own Loki’s ‘Frog Of Thunder’ In A Jar

Beast Kingdom

I am telling you. The only way to salvage Phase 5 of the MCU is to embrace the weirdness. Most of the main iconic characters are gone. So, it is time to win audiences back with the off-the-wall stuff. That means Throg, the Frog of Thunder, deserves his own film! Beast Kingdom knows what I’m talking about. That’s why the company is producing a life-size statue of the Asgardian amphibian.

Thorg is seen very, very briefly in the Disney+ Loki series. However, he has shown up in various Loki collectibles over the past year. He was a hidden detail in the Alligator Loki statue from Iron Studios. And popped up again beside regular Thor in this awesome comic-version statue. Like Howard the Duck, Throg is slowly getting his due regarding collectibles.

The statue, base, and jar are about 26cm tall. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the writing on the specimen jar is legible. I’m hoping that changes and that you can remove Throg’s jar from the base and that he, too, is not permanently affixed to his glass prison.

The 1:1 statue is surprisingly less expensive than I had thought. It’s $249.99. Not bad at all, considering how big this thing is. The bad news? This won’t be out until June of next year!

Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom

The detail down to the smooth, bright frog skin is accurately recreated. The scene captures the moment Thorg is encased in a glass jar, with the infamous T365 label, whilst standing on a rocky hill! Make sure this unique take on a classic, yet whacky Thor is delivered to a desk near you. Only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet!

Throg should have his own film or Disney+ series. It doesn’t have to be Thor’s version that Loki had transformed. Another interpretation of Throg in the comics is his own thing, not just Thor trapped in froggy-form. I just don’t know if Disney is willing to take any chances now. What about you?

[Source: Beast Kingdom]

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