More On Magic Kingdom Fight Near Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Fantasyland


What is up with Mickey’s PhilharMagic? People keep getting into fights in or around Walt Disney World. We finally learned more about the big fight at PhilharMagic from WDWNT.  (I corrected the article as I mistakenly thought it was yet another fight, when it was the one from this past summer, but with a lot more information.)

It seems that there were two families involved, and one might be the family of a Disney+ ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ actor according to WDWNT, and they present the evidence for why they think that in their article here.

From the police bodycam footage that they acquired it seems that the altercation started in the queue of the attraction. Which is what we had heard previously. The lines seem to be the catalyst for a number of fights and people being injured or trespassed from property. Usually someone is injured or angered by the person trying to push past the line to rejoin their party.

How long until Disney has to say you can’t get out of line or rejoin your party?  I know that they are telling people at ‘Rise of the Resistance’ that you must wait for your party to be there completely before you can get in line. Probably for this reason.

The girl who was trying to rejoin her party and her family claim the other group waited outside of the attraction for them and then attacked them. Which is what he heard when the story came out as well.

According to WDWNT a witness is heard saying:

There was a lot of stuff said. I couldn’t tell whose mouth it came out of. There was a lot of in your face, cursing, you name it, you stepped on me, you could hear all that. They look like they were the ones who were there to brawl. They threw it down. There were a couple of women in there who were looking to throw haymakers.

Here is the video that was posted featuring bodycam footage:

We are not seeing all of the footage, just what is edited into the video.

Disney may have to start restricting line re-entry if these fights continue.

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Source: WDWNT

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