XFL Expected To Reveal Cities And Venues Soon


After the 2020 Season of the now defunct XFL 2.0 ended after only 5 weeks due to the COVID-19 Pandemic fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what would be in store for the company’s future. When professional wrestler turned actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, bought the XFL from his former employer, Vince McMahon, many have wondered how he would run things differently.

One of the big questions on many people’s minds is “where would the teams play?”. None have currently been listed as the XFL 3.0 has been keeping a lid on things for a while. But now it appears that we may finally have an official announcement before the month’s end.

The XFL has announced that they will be hosting a “Town Hall” meeting on Sunday July 24th in Dallas. Here it is believed they will finally unveil the official lineup of cities and venues for the league.

The current rumored list of cities include the following:

– Dallas
– Houston
– San Antonia
– Las Vegas
– St. Louis
– Orlando
– Seattle
– Washington D.C.

The XFL 2.0 in 2020 consisted of the following cities:

– New York (Guardians)
– Washington D.C. (Defenders)
– Seattle (Dragons)
– Tampa Bay (Vipers)
– Los Angelas (Wildcats
– Dallas (Renegades)
– Houston (Roughnecks)
– St. Louis (Battlehawks)

The Original XFL from 2001 consisted of the following cities:

– New York/New Jersey (Hitmen)
– Las Vegas (Outlaws)
– Orlando (Rage)
– Birmingham (Thunderbolts)
– Memphis (Maniax)
– Los Angelas (Xtreme)
– San Fransisco (Demons)
– Chicago (Enforcers)

The XFL 3.0 seems to be returning to locations from both the original and 2.0 with locations like San Antonia being new territory. Though the XFL’s defunct “cousin league”, the Alliance of American Football (AAF), did have a team there in 2019.

Earlier this year the XFL and ESPN/Disney signed an exclusive multi-year deal to all XFL 3.0 games. So if you have ESPN+ or watch ESPN then in February of next your you’ll get an extra 10 weeks of pro football.

Source: XFL Newsroom

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