WORST 50th Anniversary Treats at Animal Kingdom


If you are like me, you have been bombarded with every form of Walt Disney World advertisement in recent months. These ads help remind me for the 3,874th time that Walt Disney World is celebrating for 18 months. People can easily find disappointment with the 50th anniversary food items offered at Animal Kingdom. In fairness, the chefs created some great food items for the 50th at Animal Kingdom. Sadly, this list features the lower quality ones. Yes, we will write an article about the good ones. There are several!

Shall we start this march to mediocre food items? For simplicity, avoid Creature Comforts if desiring a good 50th anniversary food item. Creature Comforts goes by another name—Starbucks. For those of us that enjoy using our Starbucks app while on vacation, this location meets that need. Yet, the three 50th items found here fail for various reasons.

  1. 50th Celebration Mickey Mousse Dome $5.99

(Photo Credit: AllEars.net)

In simple terms, the best part about this mousse may be seen by the wordplay of mouse and mousse. The taste fails to be more than just average. This item displays the tendency to recycle a seasonal food idea over and over.  The mousse dome tastes fine but there are over a dozen better tasting treats in this park alone. You do not want to wait in the “Starbucks” queue to end up with just average, right?

  1. 50th Celebration Cupcake $5.99

(Image Credit: WDW-Magazine)

Now, guests may find this treat at Flame Tree BBQ in addition to Starbucks. Of note, the most surprisingly good 50th food item resides at Flame Tree BBQ. However, this cupcake works as just a cupcake. This one functions only a safe treat for a kid. Walt Disney World describes this menu as “lemon cake, lemon chiffon filling and vanilla frosting with celebration sprinkles, splatter-coated chocolate Mickey and a gold-dusted 50th anniversary medallion.” The description entices people. Both items so far are picture-worthy but simply basic desserts.

  1. 50th Celebration Mickey Cinnamon Roll $7.49

This cinnamon roll disappoints. It hurts me to say that about a cinnamon roll. Personally, the enjoyment to my taste buds and bank account with Starbucks/Disney cinnamon rolls is legendary. Fair warning, guests find this cinnamon at Tamu Tamu also if they are not careful. This roll could be slightly larger than standard one. Perhaps, guests find a tiny amount more frosting on this roll. Still, guests must endure the messy celebration blue frosting. As you might detect, this cinnamon roll fails to reach average. If you need a cinnamon roll, dedicate time in Magic Kingdom for one at Gaston’s

Good news, we may depart from Creature Comforts now. Bad news, we have not finished our journey of disappointment.

4. Birthday Blueberry Muffin

At Tamu Tamu Refreshments, there resides our last menu item to avoid. This food/beverage location offers the 50th Celebration Cupcake as mentioned earlier. In addition, our last item on this list goes by the name Birthday Blueberry Muffin. Menu description reads “house-made blueberry muffin with a surprise addition of colorful Sprinkles to celebrate 50 years of Magic.” The price point appeals to many at $4.25. Still, this is just a standard blueberry muffin with sprinkles on top. If you have read many of my articles, you know I enjoy sprinkles. Still, this food item grades below average and boring—sorry, sprinkles!

You have been warned. As always, you might get lucky with one of these items. Good luck!

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