Worst 50th Anniversary Menu Items at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Walt Disney World is 50 years old. What did you give it for this birthday? Have you booked a vacation between now and first three months of 2023? If so, the party at Walt Disney World has some food items for you to enjoy for a small fee.

The food items range from a Filet Mignon with Roast Beef Hash to a sandwich cookie. So which ones of these food items should you avoid? I have three suggestions. The good news is none of these items are horrible. They are just either not very original or special.

Caramel Apple Tart (ABC Commissary)

(Photo Credit: DFB)

This treat sounds wonderful. It is a spiced caramel-cheesecake mousse. The mousse is “apple- dusted” in gold and served atop a cinnamon-apple tart.

This will cost you $5.49.

This dessert has a layer of tart. This is also combined with a layer of mousse. The mousse has a touch of cinnamon. Many guests wished that there was more cinnamon flavor. The flavors are good but do not always match. The main thing that lowers this item in terms of being “worst” is the small portion size.

Chocolate Mousse (ABC Commissary)

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Poor ABC Commissary has two on this list. Please forgive me since your regular menu items have improved so much.

This dessert is good just not anything more than that. This item is described as “raspberry-dark chocolate mousse, chocolate-almond cake, and a layer of hazelnut crunch and whipped chocolate-hazelnut cheesecake.”

This treat costs $5.49.

The great philosopher Shrek said ogres are like onions because they have layers. This treat has lots of layers. The good news is it does not taste like an onion. The possible bad news is this treat is rich in terms of sugar. You would think all these different layers would add balance to your culinary universe. You would be wrong. This item is rich. I have no better way to describe this. This is a chocolate lovers dream. However, if you are not willing to dive into a vat of rich chocolate, then avoid this treat.

Pumpkin Mousse (Starbucks –Trolley Car Café)

(Photo Credit: Disney)

This 50th anniversary item is basically a rebranding of the pumpkin mousse that appeared earlier in year.

Sure, it got a 50th makeover. Still, there is nothing new about this.

For $5.49, you can get milk chocolate-chai mousse filled with pumpkin bread set atop a chocolate shortbread cookie and vanilla buttercream. The flavor is good with this treat but there is nothing exceptional among seasonal pumpkin treats about this one. This is on the worst list because there are more distinctive and superior options, even for pumpkin product fans.

Do your research for 50th anniversary treats. You have far more than a year to enjoy them. As good parents tell you, make good choices. One hint would be to think glimmer and shimmer but maybe more on that in a future article.

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