Woman Tries To Skip Line At Disneyland–It Doesn’t Go Well


If you have been to a Disney park you know lines are everywhere. There is no way you are riding everything without waiting in lines. One woman seems to have not gotten that memo or was confused about how to access the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ attraction at Disneyland.

A video is circulating that shows a woman with a child get into a ride vehicle, after allegedly coming in through the exit door to do so.

When people complain she gets up and leaves but then yells at other guests in line, even resorting to yelling obscenities in front of children. (language warning)

Take a look!

Perhaps they were confused? Or maybe they thought it was how passes like the DAS (Disability Access Service) Pass worked? Maybe they simply just wanted to jump in line for some reason?

The fact that she stayed there and demanded to “talk to someone” could indicate that she thought she was in the right?

I can’t wrap my head around someone just walking up to the ride vehicle, with Cast Members loading nearby, and think it was fine unless they were seriously confused about something?

However, I have seen several stories where people with children get angry about seeing those without waiting in line. Somehow they feel that having kids with them means they should get special treatment. Not saying that is the case here, but it’s happened many times. Like the pretzel incident where a woman had a meltdown over the pretzel line being long because of “child free millennials.”

Who knows what her reason was for going through the exit and getting on the Alice in Wonderland attraction? We don’t know what happened to her after the video was over either. I am sure she got to “talk to someone.”

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Hat tip to ITM

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