Woman Sneaks Sparklers Into Disneyland For Photo Op


Some people really go all out for that ‘extra’ shot of themselves at Disney. Got to get those likes and shares. One woman went so far as to bring sparklers into Disneyland to get a photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I’m not sure how she got the sparklers through security but someone in the comments said she had hid it in the paper cake/hat she is holding.

Then she posed, dress as what I assume is her version of Mickey Mouse, while holding the hat “cake” piece.

Someone was there to catch it and post it to TikTok.

@thenostalgiclatino C’mon man…🤦🏽‍♂️ #disneytok #disney #disneyland #disney100 ♬ original sound – Call Me Carlos

A Cast Member can be seen saying something to her, while talking on a phone, likely calling security. This is all happening, with sparks flying, as people are trying to walk past her. Of course she positioned herself on the middle of the bridge throughway.

These “influencers” get really ridiculous about their photos. I’ve seen people block doorways for photos. I’ve seen them sitting or laying in the street for photos. During Halloween 2020, when there was no Mickey’s Not So Halloween event, and it was “Halloween” all day at the Magic Kingdom, a woman had taken up court by the wishing well.  Her mom kept taking photos of her. Meanwhile a line was forming of other people wanting photos, but she sat down and would not leave. Then she was handing out her Instagram handle to those who asked.

After several minutes I got fed up and left. I walked by a bit later and she was still there!

It’s getting out of hand.

Look, I don’t care if you want to take a photo, as long as you aren’t inconveniencing others for prolonged periods of time. Or putting them at risk for catching on fire, while you light a flaming sparkler, on a paper cake / hat.

I can’t imagine her reasoning in doing this.

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