Woman Dresses as Peggy Carter For Dapper Day in Disneyland and Captain America Notices


I love when we have sweet and fun stories to share and this one qualifies. TikTok user Marvel.Mermaid posted her interaction after she dressed up as Peggy Carter for Dapper Day at Disney California Adventure.

While in her outfit the Cast Member playing Captain America noticed and he escorted her to his meet and greet spot for a fun photo opportunity.

Take a look! I love it!


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According to Insider the “Peggy Carter” here is Ariel C. and she and her friends attended Dapper Day dressed in vintage twists on popular Disney characters and she opted to go Marvel with a Peggy Carter inspired outfit.

It seems that Disneyland Cast Members noticed her outfit and were trying to arrange a meeting with Cap. But according to Ariel it didn’t all go according to plan before the video. Apparently she ran up to the super soldier but didn’t see he had a small friend:

“It’s so embarrassing because I ran up to him and he was holding hands with a child who I didn’t see,” she said. “We had a brief conversation and he said, ‘Let me help out these kids real quick and then I’ll come find you.”

After that she thought he might not come to find her, but they stayed in the spot and waited. She was worried he might think poorly of her for not realizing he was with a child earlier.

My friends and I stayed in that spot, but I didn’t think he’d come — he probably thought I was a terrible person for running up to him while he was with a child.

But he did come and you can see the rest unfold in the video. Ariel said he stayed in character the entire time, which is not surprising as that’s his job:

He was totally in character saying it had been 89 years since we’d last seen each other and that he still owes me that dance. He said flying a plane with bombs on it into the Arctic Ocean wasn’t his best idea, and that he should’ve thought that through more.

What a fun experience for her and she looked amazing! I love it!

Here is another video she posted with stills from the event.

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