Woman Caught On Camera Seemingly Keying a Tesla In EPCOT Parking Lot at Walt Disney World


A couple of videos have been posted to TikTok showing what appears to be a woman dragging her keys across the side of a Tesla automobile in the EPCOT parking lot on October 7, 2022.

In the first video it just appears that a woman, who ironically is wearing a shirt that says “I can’t adult today I’m at Disney” and mouse ears, walks close to the Tesla and then get into a car next to it.

At first glance nothing seems amiss: Her key is out, but no big deal.

But in another view of the alleged keyer you can see what appears to be her hand slightly behind her as if it was moving along something, complete with drag. They are also slightly glancing to the side, in what looks like an effort to make sure no one was watching.

@dianlane A close up look of the Tesla being Keyed for the skeptics.#teslacam ♬ original sound – dian lane

Since it’s a Tesla there are cameras built into the mirrors. When the owner returned to their car the scratch was there and they allege this was the person who seems to have done it.

Details are sparse at this point, but it likely won’t be long until she’s caught given her full face is in view.

This isn’t the first time that a Tesla owner has caught someone keying their car. In 2021, another Tesla owner also caught someone keying their automobile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And below is video of another Tesla keying incident from 2019 that made the local news.

Given that Teslas have cameras and these people usually get caught, maybe they should stick to Fords?

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