Witches Themed Halloween Horror Nights House Announced for 2022


The speculation of a “Witch” Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) house floated around for many months before a recent announcement. Like several other rumored HHN houses, initial speculation involves this witch themed house set in the past. A theory of these witches being in more of a speakeasy style setting gained speed also. Since Universal Orlando has been offering speakeasy themed aspects to special events, that concept functions as something Universal Orlando does well. As a result, this gives hope to HHN guests if this happens.

Of course, Universal Orlando went several weeks during the last part of June and almost all of July without making any HHN announcements. We now find ourselves in the middle of August with only 4 houses officially revealed. This led to lots of wild speculation about the HHN house themes. In the absence of direction, people come up with all types of things.

The relative upstart player in HHN speculation game, Hallowed Out Horror, put out a second speculation map on July 15th. This one gave a rumored witch themed house an actual working title, “Witches of Salem.” Since HHN fans crave any morsel of information, people waited to see if this speculation held up as having validity. This rumored title gave Halloween Horror Nights fans reason to visualize something with old-school ideas building on legends of Salem, Massachusetts witches. Would this be some odd combination of that tradition and the “speak-easy” idea also? With an original themed house, the Universal Orlando team could let their minds go wild with this. The largest positive of the original houses each year involves the freedom Universal Orlando gets to do whatever works well. The freedom of not being tied to a particular intellectual property and their wishes often creates the best HHN houses.

With the suspicious “leaked” HHN shirt photo all over the internet starting July 25th, HHN fans saw a different title for this house. “Spirits of the Coven” appears prominently on the “leaked” HHN 2022 shirt. The question developed about what that title could mean in the world of HHN speculation.

Back towards end of June 2022, rumors grew again of the “Pumpkin Lord” being revived for HHN 2022. Did this shirt confirm some connection? The logo for this year’s HHN had been seen by many as a clue since a pumpkin is used in many of the designs for HHN 2022. Since the historical pattern involved naming Halloween Horror Nights with sequential designations, we would have expected this year’s event to be marketed as HHN 31. However, all marketing to this point says HHN 2022 with a pumpkin as the 2nd number. If the “leaked” shirt gives any clues, then this house name appears very high on the shirt next to the major intellectual property houses. Does that mean it plays a key role in the overall HHN 2022 theme? Of course, with all the rumored more traditional Halloween concept for HHN 31, the HHN 2022 could simply have been a way to throw people of the plan,

When rumors of any type of sequel house came up, HHN veterans thought that was too risky for Universal Orlando. Of course, others thought maybe the “Pumpkin Lord” could be a traditional HHN icon this year. Perhaps, the “Pumpkin Lord” could reach mascot status this year

A popular speculated title for this rumored witch themed house appears as Witches’ Brew: Spirit of the Coven. Could this be the solution to all the rumors? Are we combining some idea of witches in the history of the USA with a play on words involving alcoholic beverages? Would these witches lure us in via forbidden alcoholic beverages like in the “Prohibition” period? As mentioned before, that fits Universal Orlando’s style. If so, this house would be highly themed.

Universal revealed the official name of this house. The house will be called “Spirits of the Coven.” Universal says guests will be invited to a lively 1920s speakeasy, but something sinister is brewing beneath in “Spirits of the Coven.” A coven of seemingly beautiful flapper witches will lure those who enter a hidden brewing area. Once they’ve ensnared their victims, they’ll reveal their haggish true form and turn guests into a witch’s brew. They’ll be cackling; everyone else will be screaming.

So nice to type about an actual announcement not just rumors now, Enjoy the spooky season!

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