Why Val Kilmer Isn’t In The New Willow Series


The 1988 high-fantasy film Willow is considered a cult classic amongst many who saw it when it first released. It is perhaps Lucasfilm’s third most popular IP behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Up there with other sword and sorcery films like Krull and The Princess Bride, Willow tells the story of a young Nelwyn farmer who is training to be a sorcerer, but is forced to embark on a dangerous journey to protect an infant princess from an evil queen.

On his journey the titular Willow (Played by: Warwick Davis) comes across a mercenary named Madmartigan who is trapped in a crow’s cage. Willow frees him and Madmartigan joins Willow on his quest.

Madmartigan was played by actor Val Kilmer, probably best known for playing “Iceman” in Top Gun, as well as Doc Holiday in Tombstone and Batman in Batman Forever.

At the end of the film Madmartigan and his love interest Sorsha (Played by: Joanne Whalle) adopt baby Elora and presumably become the new Queen and King.

Many fans believed that we would get a glimpse of the old warrior ruler in the new Disney+ series. But unfortunately it never came to be. Despite being planned to appear early on the actor had to back out before production began.

In a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly the series’ showrunner Jonathan Kasdan said:

As COVID overtook the world, it became insurmountable. We were prepping in the spring of the year that it was most happening. And Val reluctantly didn’t feel he could come out.

For those who don’t know Val Kilmer at one point had throat cancer and it caused major damage to his throat and vocal cords, leaving the actor with various health problems. Due to his already weakened state he believed that he would be susceptible to COVID-19, so for his own safety he left the project.

Even though it is sad that he didn’t appear it is good that he is looking out for his own health. We wish him all the best.

Source: Fox News

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