Why Do We Know So Little About Black Panther 2?


The sequel to the 2018 super hero film Black Panther is just two months away, and yet we know very little and have seen little marketing. When actor Chadwick Bossman died suddenly in 2020 from colon cancer the film’s future was uncertain.

With the lead actor gone many assumed that the role would be recast, but Marvel confirmed that there would be no recast or any use of a CGI double. Though not confirmed, it is heavily believed that Lelitia Wright (Shuri) would become the new Black Panther, but as of the time of this article we still have no conformation. Other characters like Nakia, M’Baku and Okoye also return to fight alongside Shuri.

We also have Tenoch Huerta playing Namor the Sub-Mariner, presumably the film’s antagonist. However, this version of Namor is vastly different from the comics. Namor was originally the king of Atlantis, but due to DC currently doing their Aquaman series, they didn’t want to risk being accused of “stealing” (despite Namor existing before Aquaman) (Something similar happened with 2017’s Wonder Woman on account of Marvel’s Captain America and WWII). Instead he is the ruler of the Aztec city of Talocan, leading to a clash of cultures between Africa and South America.

We also see in the film’s most recent trailer that Queen Ramonda (Played by: Angela Bassett) is distraught over the death of her son. So perhaps she may serve and an antagonist as well.

Martin Freeman is also returning as agent Ross.. 

Lastly we have an appearance from Riri Williams AKA Ironheart. A character that not many fans know or are that excited to see.

Outside of these small details we know almost nothing. It’s almost as if they plan to not show us anything up until the film’s release; Somewhat similar to Amazon’s recent Rings of Power TV series. Perhaps they either don’t know how to market the film or maybe they’re trying to hide something. Either way audiences are still unsure what the film will be about.

The film releases on November 11th. Are you looking forward to Black Panther 2?

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