Why Do Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Banners Look So Bad?


Recently the “EARidescence” Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary banners went up at the Magic Kingdom and, let’s be honest, they aren’t great.

Here are some images posted by bloggers on Twitter (all rights belong to them.)


I get that they were going for this “EARidescence” to them, but the end result just looks like it’s been sun bleached. There are ways to get printing done with techniques that would be bolder and shimmery, however they aren’t cheap.

(Photo Credit: Blog Mickey)

Also, why is the rod through the words on the bottom? It just makes it appear wrinkled, messy, and hard to read. That isn’t how you are supposed to lay out signs. If you have to put a rod through you surely don’t put text or an image on it.

It does seem they tried to plan ahead enough to put the rod towards the bottom of the word, but they would have been better off just not putting a word there at all, dropping the rod down further, or changing the shape of the banner.

I’m not a graphic designer, I’m an art teacher, but my husband is a designer and I think he would agree that these were not done very well.

On a side note, I do wonder if the top part will be changed for each park. It’s a solid stripe on the banners near the Magic Kingdom, but in the video from May they show one for EPCOT and the top has the Spaceship Earth pattern on it.

I just can’t get over how washed out these look. I wonder how well they will hold up in the Orlando sun when they are already this light and faded in appearance?

There are a lot of bloggers saying they look nice, and maybe they look nicer in person, but from a design and longevity stand point, they really don’t look that great. Of course you can disagree and that’s completely fine. I’m glad you enjoy them!

What do you think?

Source: Twitter

Featured Image Credit to: Disney Food Blog

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