Why Disney’s Stock Means Elsa From Frozen Will Never Be LGBTQ


That Gamestop issue in the stock market is very interesting right now, isn’t it? A bunch of hedge funds operate by giving out stocks with an offer that owners will be paid out much higher if the stock goes up OR they’ll have to pay the hedge fund much more if the stock goes down. Then the powers that be do everything they can to drive the company’s stock into the ground, regardless of the negative impact, so that they’ll be enriched even further while far less economically advanced groups pay them for the losses they unfairly incurred. Now that there’s a major pushback, the referees are being told to quickly change the rules so that the hedge funds will be protected.

Disney’s stock is interesting to me as well. Here’s a company that in the past twelve months has seen nearly every source of revenue closed off to them. We don’t know when that revenue’s going to return, yet the stock has climbed to $180 a share completely off of market psychology. They’ve went from a massive, international company with the best portfolio in the world to… a streaming service. And yet their stock continues to balloon. It does look like lately they’re floating back to reality – dropping to a probably more appropriate $140 a share.

Wonder if those analysts had any idea Nancy Pelosi’s husband would suddenly invest massively in Disney?

Of course, as Disney’s stock began to show weakness recently, the company quickly released a new smorgasbord of streaming shows, movies, documentaries, and more. It’s called Star, and it isn’t the first time Disney has used something referencing a Star to showcase their adult content. Years ago, it was Starz! that Disney used to carry their Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax movies. Yes, that Miramax – don’t forget that Disney and Iger have been in bed with Harvey Weinstein for a long time (that’s an idiom folks, not a statement of sexual relations). So of course, after Starz!, Miramax, and Harvey didn’t work out so well for them, they still want to go with that whole “Star” thing for adult vibe. Maybe Leslye Headland suggested the name?

But all of this is to continue to prop up the Disney stock bubble off of streaming prognostication until they can get Disney+ profitable. They’re losing money on Disney+ currently. So before you go into your first quarter results scheduled for February 11th, Disney execs know they need to prime investors with the idea that “so much is on the way”! Gotta keep up that unsustainable churn until the service can get to profitability and the rest of the portfolio can come online. That’s also why you’re seeing some analysts declare that Disney Parks will be back to normal by 2023! Ignore the fact there’s no way to know how this pandemic plays out… the stock market is often a psychological battle, and telling people the horizon is full of gains is one way to prime that pump.

Part of the Disney gambit is the belief that they’ll crack the Chinese market more than other western entertainment companies have so far. Thus it was that Disney filmed Mulan according to Chinese Communist Party directives, filmed near concentration camps, and even thanked local governments running concentration camps for allowing them to film nearby. It’s like filming next to Auschwitz and thanking the Nazis.

Getting that Disney stock up to $200 is also why we believe Bob Iger is interested in the China ambassadorship. It’s all about building inroads to the Eastern Kingdom in order to explode the generational wealth the elites currently have. If Disney were allowed to launch Disney+ in Beijing, they’d have access to triple the potential streaming revenue of the United States. And values be damned, they’re going for it.

Take this rumor we’re hearing about Frozen 3 for example. What we’re hearing, but cannot yet fully confirm, is that Frozen 3 discussions are happening within the halls of Disney. We’re also hearing that one of the reasons for trying to get a trilogy made so quickly is because Frozen just happens to be the most popular animated IP Disney has in China. But Disney has a problem they need to navigate when it comes to the third movie. You see, in the United States and other western nations, there’s this movement from some fan demographics to have Elsa – one of the two protagonists in the franchise – be LGBTQ. But China will have none of that. So what do you do if you’re trying to present yourself in the west as a beacon of progressivism while at the same time trying to present yourself in China as a reliable knee-bender to the will of Xi Jinping? You keep Elsa away from LGBTQ, that’s for sure. Then you run a bunch of essentially marketing changes to attractions, label some classic movies racist, and demonstrate to the west that you’re just as woke as ever.

But no, at this point, based on what we consider reliable sources, Elsa is unlikely to be LGBTQ officially ever. And it all comes back to the stock value, getting into the Chinese market, and appeasing the government censors there. Luckily, they’re totally cool with genocide, so Ana attempting to kill everyone in her kingdom with a tidal wave was a-okay. But you know what wasn’t a-okay with some in China, and will likely result in a retcon? The idea that Elsa, a fair-skinned “white” girl, is now queen of the darker skinned, more-Chinese-appearing indigenous peoples. That one wasn’t so popular with the shot-callers over there. It doesn’t matter that they’re based on the Sami people of Scandinavia, it matters that a fair-skinned, blonde-haired heroine was somehow made to be the queen of darker skinned people. And that struck some in China as symbolic of western colonialization.

But don’t worry… they’ll get it all fixed for the third. The stock value demands it.

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