When Will “The Mandalorian” Episodes Release on Disney+?

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A lot of people have been asking when episodes of The Mandalorian will release on Disney+.

The first two episodes already aired. The first one was on release day and the second one was on Friday, November 15th.

Here is a cool graphic going around that shows what the release dates are:

Chapter 3 will release on Friday, November 22

Chapter 4 will release on Friday, November 29

Chapter 5 will release on Friday, December 6

Chapter 6 will release on Friday, December 13

Chapter 7 will release on Wednesday, December 18

Chapter 8 will release on Friday, December 27

So far the reviews for the show are pretty solid. My review for the first episode was split as it was too early to really get a sense of the show and it felt a bit disjointed. I do think that that is because it is intended to be watched back to back and not episodically, but the second chapter was much better in my opinion. It gave it more of a Star Wars feel and **spoiler** of course everyone is talking about the baby Yoda. As they should because he or she is absolutely adorable and if a plush comes out it is so mine.

Another interesting thing that my husband was really excited to see was an IG unit in action. He always wondered how they moved and how they were dangerous and in the first episode you are shown answers to both of those questions and it is worth watching just for that.

Give it a chance if you haven’t yet. I think it will get better as it goes, again I think it is meant to be binged. Or just wait till it’s all out and then watch it all at once.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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