When Will Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line Reopen?- Well Disney Doesn’t Know

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Today is the earnings call for Disney’s Q2 and we got the usual “positive spin” that we’ve come to expect. Basically, we’re losing money, but we’re Disney so it’s okay. But what everyone wants to know is “When will Disneyland and Walt Disney World open?” The answer is they don’t know.

So now I’m going to make this article a cross of news and rumors.

Interestingly enough there are some stories floating around over at WDWMagic about what the hold ups could be.

For Disneyland there allegedly is a rat problem now that guests aren’t there and birds have turned the sidewalks mostly white. To clean and maintain the attractions could take some time and now it looks more and more likely for reopening in late 2020 or early 2021.

Walt Disney World is supposedly targeting reopening in August, however, they are allegedly testing how well masks actually stop the spread of the virus as, even at limited capacity, one infected person could infect many more. Then there’s the issue of children not keeping masks on and the fact that masks in July and August might be a bad idea as the heat and humidity could make it dangerous for wearers.

Here’s the rumors from WDW Pro, who has been right in the past:

Again this is all rumor and speculation, but I have heard from sources that animals have been an issue at least at Walt Disney World. It makes sense if it would also be a concern for Disneyland. So the mention of this got my attention and gave it a bit more legitimacy as it confirmed some of what I’ve been hearing as well.

We have also mentioned on our sister YouTube channel, that we were concerned about children keeping masks on and the danger of using masks in the Florida summer heat and humidity. Plus we voiced concern that all it would take is one infected person to infect many more, masks or otherwise.  So again, this added to what we’ve been hearing.

What we did get information on during the earnings call:

Bob Chapek said in the Q&A part of the investors meeting that they will open no parks that wouldn’t generate enough money to offset the overhead. So they aren’t going to open until they know they will make money and not lose more by having it open. They are clearly factoring that into their plans as well.

They also mentioned that they are focused on being “responsible” with their theatrical releases and theme parks moving forward. They don’t want to cause re-infections.

But at this point Disney is saying that they have no opening date. The rumors that are being listed do seem to point to a later time frame than what many have speculated and lines up with what some stock analysts have indicated.

What about Disney Cruise Line?

Bob Chapek said that Disney Cruise Lines will be the last division that reopens. So don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

He was also asked about their three new cruise ships and he didn’t answer the question, just that they were going to go through expenditures through a “fine tooth comb.”

Well the non-answer might be the answer there.

This wraps up what we learned about parks in the call as well as the rumors surrounding the behind-the-scenes goings on.  But the short answer about reopening is “They don’t know.”

We will keep you posted if we get any more information.

Source: Disney, WDWPro at WDWMagic

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