What Makes Up a Carrot Cake Concoction at Universal Orlando 2022 Mardi Gras?


Ah, the “Fusion” style tent at 2022 Universal Orlando Mardi Gras. You have brought us the mystery and enjoyment of an “Ube Bubble Waffle Cone.” Also, you scared us and impressed us with “Creole Crab Beignets.” The only thing left on this menu that could qualify as food goes by the name “Carrot Cake Concoction.”

In fairness, this concoction falls under the category of a beverage in a similar fashion that frozen butterbeer qualifies as a beverage. At the risk of creating the treat or beverage debate, let me point out this concoction contains a 2022 Mardi Gras fan favorite, “Ube Ice Cream.”

This ube based ice cream stars in the waffle cone of course. This type of ice cream also features prominently in the Toothsome Chocolate Factory Mardi Gras Rhythm and Shake milkshake.

The Carrot Cake Concoction costs $5.50 before discounts. This beverage/dessert contains no alcohol. Yet, you probably suspected no alcohol at that price point. The menu description indicates beverage composed of frozen carrot cake slush topped with purple ube ice cream. Based on the beverage I ordered, I got lucky with more ube ice cream than I expected. The carrot cake color and purple ube ice crema creates an interesting color palate to drink, however.

An actual themed table to eat your food on instead of dining on top of trash can

If you have read some other food reviews written by myself about ube ice cream, then you can guess my opinion. The ube ice cream tastes great. The flavoring overall tastes sweet but not “sickly” sweet like some theme park desserts.

Though I disagree, some guests compared this beverage to frozen butterbeer. I understand the comparison which I why mentioned frozen butterbeer in my intro to this review. However, the sweetness level of this concoction pales in comparison to frozen butterbeer. Though if you like frozen butterbeer while looking for something less sweet, this concoction works well for that.

I must mention one large word of warning. Something about these frozen treats this year causes them to reduce in quality of flavor as they melt. This happened to a large degree with this beverage. You are ordering food/beverage in Florida, please plan accordingly.

Having said that, this reasonably priced treat should satisfy many guests. The $5.50 price point with potential for lower price with discounts provides a solid value. For record, carrot cake fails to be one of my preferred dessert flavors. Despite that, the carrot cake slush with the ice cream works in a positive way. With this treat, the “fusion” tent offers some of the best value and quality of any Mardi Gras food tent this year. Let the good times roll!

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