What If… Peggy Carter Became A Statue of Captain Carter?


The What If…? series on Disney+ showed us a lot of alternate timelines. Some were fascinating. Some were dumb (talking Thanos out of his plan). Some gave more spotlight to characters who ended up with a show that was canceled too early. Yup, Peggy Carter deserved better.

Not only did the series give Peggy a superhero story of her own, but she’s also getting a new statue from Iron Studios. The statue of Captain Carter stands at 9.4″ tall and features Peggy as she appears in her animated form. Complete with a Union Jack-themed uniform and shield, this super soldier is ready to kick some HYDRA butt in the third quarter of 2022. Captain Carter is priced at $139.99 and can be pre-ordered now.

Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios

Exploring various timelines of the multiverse, the extraterrestrial, known as The Watcher tells in the episode \”What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?\” the story of agent Peggy Carter taking on the role of a heroine who once belonged to Steve Rogers, in an alternate reality. Here, in World War II, when Rogers, the original candidate for Project Rebirth, is injured by a HYDRA spy, Carter volunteers to receive the Super Soldier Serum, acquiring enhanced skills at super-human levels. Wearing a uniform with the colors of the Union Jack (the national flag of the United Kingdom), after earning the rank, uniform, and shield, she assumes the name Captain Carter and starts to lead the allied forces against HYDRA.

After watching Peggy in action, I wish Disney would produce more shorts featuring the original MCU heroes. Animation allows for so much more than what live-action can deliver. And where is my Throg series? Come on! A frog with the power of Thor! It has franchise written all over it!

What are your thoughts on the Captain Carter episode of What If…? Let us know in the comments section.

[Source: Iron Studios]

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