What Are The Most Overlooked Attractions at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?


Welcome back to The Most Magical Place on Earth, where people from around the world gather to experience world-class entertainment and hospitality. We recently listed the most popular attractions in Magic Kingdom. But in addition to those crowd magnets, there are plenty of other fun attractions that are too often overlooked by most guests in their dash to the next big thing. Let’s explore a few of these sneaky good ones, which will allow you to skip some of the lines while still enjoying the magic in the park. 

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

For anyone who climbed trees and made forts as a kid, exploring the different levels of the Swiss Family Treehouse is a no-brainer to rekindle that childlike wonder. The cool nooks and crannies, and clever castaway inventions inspire creativity. Also – the view from near the top of the tree is one of the sneaky best in all of Magic Kingdom, offering unique angles of Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain.

Image: ITM

This attraction is even better appreciated after seeing the film, Swiss Family Robinson. While the film is a bit dated, it still offers a cool romantic view of being stranded on a lush tropical island. Did I mention there is never a wait to enjoy this self-guided attraction?

Tom Sawyer Island

Speaking of unique views, Tom Sawyer Island offers a perspective of Frontierland and Liberty Square that you can get nowhere else. Photos of Big Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion are sure to get some traction on Instagram. The process of boarding a small skiff boat over to the island may seem like a hassle, but it takes no longer than most attraction queue lines (in fact it’s usually shorter).

When exploring the trails and caves of the island, guests really feel like they are in another world – hard to believe when they are so close to the bustle of Magic Kingdom! This is a great place to let kids explore and do their thing.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

If you are looking to purge the “it’s a small world” theme song from your brain, try replacing it with the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room. This audio gem from the legendary Sherman Brothers brings this cast of birds, flowers, and Tiki gods to life as they sing you a serenade or two. The open-air (but sort of indoor) attraction gives guests a low-key place to chill for a bit. Wanna kill two birds with one stone (pardon the pun)? Grab a Dole Whip next door at Aloha Isle, and enjoy your treat during the show. The Enchanted Tiki Room is one of the very few attractions where food and drinks are allowed.

Fun Fact: Walt Disney originally planned for the Disneyland version of the Tiki Room to be a table service restaurant, where feathered friends would serenade the guests. The final version did not include a restaurant, but it’s still a nice place for a break in the day.

Carousel of Progress

Another Walt Disney original, the Carousel of Progress harkens back to the early 20th century, taking guests on a tour of the timeline of innovation progress. With three of the four show scenes covering the first half of the century, and the final scene depicting a tomorrow that is already in the past, the attraction is admittedly a little outdated. But what it lacks in cutting-edge demonstration, it makes up for with the classic Disney charm (and air conditioning). Stop into this carousel mid-afternoon for a seat, and your feet and back will thank you.

The Dapper Dans

This last entry on this list of overlooked attractions isn’t technically an attraction. The Dapper Dans are a vintage (and very talented) barbershop quartet. They come out on Main Street several times a day, offering a host of choral delights, ranging from favorite Disney tunes to classics from the great American songbook. But it’s not just their singing that entertains. Their witty banter in between numbers, and their active engagement with the audience, make the Dapper Dans a must-see entertainment option.

Image: Disney

If you’ve seen them before, then you may have seen their odd-looking instruments, which are a lot harder to play than they look. Check out the daily times guide to make sure you’re around when they come out.

Take all the most popular attractions, add in these overlooked gems, and that still leaves everything in the middle! Magic Kingdom offers many more attractions, entertainment, and experiences than the ones we’ve discussed. You’ll have to visit and experience them all for yourself!

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