What Are The Most Overlooked Attractions at Walt Disney World’s Epcot?


Welcome back to Epcot, where people from around the world gather to experience culture from…around the world (and attractions from across time). We recently gave you the most popular attractions in Epcot. But in addition to those hot spots, there are plenty of other fun attractions often overlooked by guests on their way to the latest festival celebration food booths. Let’s pause and explore a few of these attractions, which rarely have a significant wait, but are all pure Epcot spirit.

Living With the Land

Soarin’ isn’t the only attraction in the Land Pavilion. Living With the Land is one of only two opening-day Future World attractions remaining (with the other being Spaceship Earth). This gentle cruise begins as a dark ride, introducing guests to a few of the various biomes of the world.

The second half of the ride is a tour through a “Living Laboratory”, where guests can witness the latest in Disney’s efforts for advanced and innovative hydroponic agriculture. Where else can you see gigantic lemons, Mickey-shaped pumpkins, and the “World’s Hottest Pepper?” Disney uses much of the fruits, vegetables, and even fish that are grown in this pavilion to serve at restaurants around Walt Disney World Resort.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

“Figment Popcorn Bucket Mania” is evidence that the pink and purple dragon is more popular than ever with Disney Parks fans. Guests of this attraction enter the five labs of the Imagination Institute, based on the five human senses. Dr. Nigel Channing (Monty Python’s Eric Idle) welcomes guests to see, hear, smell, touch, and (almost) taste their way through the institute. Of course, Figment comes along for the ride, offering his childlike whimsy every step of the way.

Journey Into Imagination is on its third iteration since it first opened in 1983. The original (and still revered) attraction was reimagined into a much-loathed (and almost entirely Figment-less) version in 1999. Two years later, fans’ collective screams convinced Disney to reimagine the attraction again, bringing Figment back to the prime-time position he deserved.

World Showcase Country Films

Several World Showcase attractions located on Epcot’s “most popular attractions” list come complete with a combination of digital films, audio-animatronics, and – for a couple – even moving ride vehicles. But several others offer amazing views and stunning soundtracks of their own, without the addition of all the mechanics.

Canada’s Canada Far and Wide and China’s Reflections of China show off their national pride in full CircleVision 360 technology, so be ready to exercise those neck muscles. France’s stalwart film Impressions de France alternates with the recently opened Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (a crowd-pleaser among the younger audience). If you can find a bit of time to take these films in, it will be worth your while.

Take all the most popular attractions, add in these overlooked gems, and that still leaves everything in the middle! Epcot offers so much more entertainment than just the attractions, such as the four different seasonal festivals each offer their unique flavors and activities. This gives guests plenty of tasty reasons to return again and again.

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