We Learned a Bit More about Halloween Horror Nights 2022


The Spooky Empire event happened in Orlando on the weekend of June 17-19. This event brands itself as the dark side of comic con. On Friday of this event, a panel from Universal Orlando Resort discussed Halloween Horror Nights. We learned a little bit more about Halloween Horror Nights 2022, and the two houses officially announced. No other major house announcements were made. Still, Halloween Horror Night fans love any tidbit of info.

Below is a sampling of what we learned from the panel. If you would like to see a video of the full panel, please click here to watch The Unofficial Guides recording of the panel.

  1. The panel re-emphasized that the house themed to the Halloween movie will be set in the 1978 setting. Though we should still expect connection to the more recent Halloween movies, the focus will be on the 1978 setting. The panel indicated that they have permission to use that original movie and add some original content to it. So, guests will get a brand-new interpretation of the original film. Some things will look very familiar. However, some things will look new to guests this year.
  1. A larger amount of time was spent discussing the previously announced Universal Legends Collide house. In this house, the pattern of having a Universal Classic Monsters house continues. We learned the exact location within Universal Studios Florida of this house. This house will be in the large parade building just like Beetlejuice house last year. The term “epic in scale” was used to talk about this house. This might be the longest house built for Halloween Horror Nights. We discovered that this house would open with a scene from the dig site searching for an ancient artifact. As you might expect, there will be at least one bloody scene in this house. Supposedly, one of the diggers gets ripped apart by the Wolfman.
Universal Pictures’ Legendary Monsters The Wolf Man, Dracula and The Mummy Unite for the First Time Ever at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in All-New Haunted Houses, “Universal Monsters: Legends Collide”

3.Regarding the Classic Monster house, we learned way more about the backstory. I will not ruin it for you. However, great intrigue happens involving Wolfman and Dracula regarding curses. For example, Dracula might be able to become a day walker instead of a night person only. Also, we learn that we might need to know a bit about how priests and The Mummy interact. This could be a good time to go back and watch all The Mummy movies featuring Brendan Fraser.

  1. We learned the Classic Monsters house at Universal Studios Hollywood will be similar but different. In fact, guests will experience a different aspect of this storyline in California in contrast to the storyline in Florida. This will be the first time Universal parks have ever done that. So, if you are lucky enough to experience Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts this year, you get two related but different stories as you see monsters collide.

Halloween Horror Nights fans must wait several more months for the event. Many announcements hide waiting to pop out in future weeks. I will be covering the event this year so make sure to check back for more information. Thanks as always for reading.

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