Watch Unsold Disney Star Wars Toys Get DESTROYED!

(Photo: Movie Web)

While it’s no secret that Star Wars merchandise sales aren’t what they used to be, it’s still sad to see so many unsold Disney Era Star Wars toys making their way to discount stores across the country.

But have you ever wondered where the final resting place for the piles of unsold Rose Tico action figures might be?

(Hint: It’s not in some collector’s glass case, or under a child in need’s Christmas tree.)

Unsold Star Wars merchandise gets destroyed. Just… straight up destroyed.

Having grown up with Star Wars, it’s kind of unsettling to watch it all get pulped like, well, trash. And it’s even more unsettling to see just how much unsold Disney Star Wars merch there actually is.

Check out this video that was posted on Twitter by user Itchy Bacca

I feel a little bit like C-3PO watching a droid get tortured in Jabba’s palace.

The Rise of Skywalker opens on December 20… and with significantly fewer action figures than were released with The Last Jedi.

[Source: Twitter]



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