Want Some Mouse Ears For Your Disney Trip Without The Disney Prices?


One of the iconic purchases many people make when visiting Disney parks is a Minnie ear headband. But those headbands can run you $30+ now. If you would like to get a pair of ears for your trip and not spend the money I have an alternative for you.

Before we look at the alternative options, please note that for the price these ears are nice and will work, but they aren’t going to be the quality of the official ones. The official ones are going to be the best. But I have bought pairs of the official ones before and they got broken on the trip at the higher price tag. For this price you can get 2-3 pairs of these and have back ups without the high mark up. Since the park prices are going up a lot some people might want to save where they can.

Let’s take a look!

Amazon Minnie Ears – $12.99 

There are several pairs of ears to choose from here including Marvel, Pixar, Space Mountain and even Christmas ones.

The reviews are 70% 5-star and 13% 4 star.  Again these are not going to be the same as official ears so keep that in mind.

I love this next one.  Want some mouse ears without wearing large mouse ears?  Or maybe you want to wear mouse ears daily but not the big ones. How about Mouse Ear Scrunchies!

Amazon 4-Pack Mouse Ear Scrunchies – $13.99

There are a few different style pack choices to choose from. This is an inexpensive way to have the iconic Disney mouse ear look without having big ears on your head.

The reviews put this one at 85% 5-star and 4% 4-star.

Another brand offers so many different options ranging in price from $9.99- $11.99.

Amazon Ears – $9.99-$11.99

Here are some of the designs!

These are cute and inexpensive. The ratings on this one are mostly 61% 5-star and 39% 4-star.

Amazon Rainbow Ears – $12.98

These ones are 85% 5-star and 9% 4-star.

Not Disney But Hello Kitty Sanrio Friends (Universal) there are three options that are ADORABLE!

Amazon Sanrio Ears – $12.50

There are all kinds of options if you search.

Of course the official ones are the best ones and if you go to the outlets in Orlando or watch for sales you can possibly score some great deals on those. But if you want some less expensive options (that you won’t feel as bad about losing or breaking) then these might work for you!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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