Walt Disney World’s Social Distancing Seems a Little… Lacking in Places.

[Photo: Theme Park Express]

Walt Disney World is open for previews, and some of the social distancing seems… practically non-existent, at least at The Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

Twitter user @ThemeParkExpres was there yesterday, and some of the pics they posted looked like Disney pre-pandemic.

This is just at the previews, and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of kids present. Magic Kingdom opens to the general public on Saturday, and we can only imagine what kind of chaos that will bring.

With Florida’s coronavirus cases skyrocketing daily, many pundits are questioning the wisdom of opening theme parks during the pandemic.

Disneyland in California has pushed its opening back due to cast member concerns.

To be fair, not all corners of Disney’s Parks were as crowded as the Emporium.

Disney fans are pretty much split down the middle on whether or not it’s smart for the parks to open now. But it does appear that Disney is trying to mitigate the potential spread as much as they can, where they can.

However, a lot of this comes down to park Guests actually listening to instructions. And we all know how well they tend to listen.

Thanks to Theme Park Express for the hat tip, and check them out on YouTube here.



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