Walt Disney World Will Submit Reopening Plans Next Week


After Universal Orlando announced their reopening plans to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, we seem to have an idea about when to expect Walt Disney World to release their plans.

According to an interview with CNBC, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, has indicated that Walt Disney World will be presenting next week.

Mayor Demings said:

“Disney has given the indication that next week they will submit the plans, and once they do, we will schedule that for a full briefing before our Economic Recovery Task Force as well. So at this point it’s an undefined time or date, but we do look forward to seeing that sometime next week.”

So all we know is sometime next week. Now it it goes like it did with Universal Orlando, they will present and then the committee votes to approve it. The Mayor has to review it and send it to the Florida Governor’s office for it to again be reviewed and approved.

At this point, it’s unlikely we will see any reopening dates before June 14th as they just cancelled vacation packages from June 7-13th yesterday.

I am expecting their plan to be very similar to Universal Orlando’s in regards to masks, hand sanitizing station, washing stations, signage, social distancing, etc.

We will let you know when we have a date.

It is also interesting that CNBC is where Disney news has been coming from lately. CEO Bob Chapek did his interview with CNBC and when the information was corrected about when Disney would do a presentation they allerted CNBC.  I just find it interesting as Comcast owns NBC/Universal as well as Universal Studios. I would think they would just use ABC/ GMA/ etc.  It likely is just a coincidence, but I noticed it because it’s something we personally pay attention to.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: CNBC

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