Walt Disney World Water Parks, Special Ticketed Events, and Extra Magic Hours Begin on July 11th


I appears Walt Disney World is reopening their water parks after-all, and not just one but both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are showing hours on the app beginning on July 11th, the same day Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom reopen.

Yesterday I noticed the hours and I did notice they were showing as available from June 14, but now they just show up starting on July 11, 2020.

With the water parks, we are also seeing the return of “Special Ticketed Events” and “Extra Magic Hours” as well. But they keep changing. For example yesterday I checked July 11th and there were no “extra magic hours” listed, but upon checking today it’s showing those hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Yesterday July 11th screen:

Today July 11th Screen:

So I would just consider it all in flux and subject to change right now.

We saw changes again with July 13th from yesterday to today:

July 13 yesterday:

July 13 today:

But we are seeing the “Special Ticketed Events” and “Extra Magic Hours” reappear.

It would likely be “Early Morning Magic” events.

Here’s the schedule after all parks open on July 15th:


This is going to be interesting to watch. No confirmation has been made on the water parks, and they didn’t mention it during the presentation to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, but by the fact they changed the earlier dates showing up in June and made sure the hours are only showing July 11th on, it’s likely they will reopen with the parks.

I think they will continue with the special ticket, H2O: Glow Nights at Typhoon Lagoon, event as well. 

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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