Walt Disney World Wait Times and Crowds Soar Again This Weekend


As we’ve been telling you all, Walt Disney World is definitely getting worse for crowds and wait times. I don’t care that people keep saying Disney is capping attendance, technically they are allowed to fully open and even capping at 60% would be a lot of people. They will not make any sort of announcement about what the cap specifically is, yet more and more “park pass availability” gets released and snatched up. Don’t want to scare off people by telling them they raised the capacity limits.

This is NOT like it was in July or August where there were no crowds. Yes, some of it can appear more crowded since there aren’t FastPasses available and the lines are socially distanced. I do agree with that, but the crowd levels most definitely feel much larger than the low capacity caps they had in place before.

Yesterday was the busiest day yet according to Touring Plans.

Beating the previous busiest day which was the day before.


Inevitably someone will now chime in and say “No! The wait times posted are never actually that long of a wait.” That is true. The wait times do tend to be less than the posted times. However, Touring Plans has taken that into consideration and put a little blurb at the bottom. Yesterday it was 71% of the posted time. The day before it was 69% of the posted time. Other days were at 72%. Normally the wait times posted are usually a bit higher than your actual wait too.

Let’s put that into perspective. If a wait time is posted as 120 minutes you would actually be waiting about 83-86 minutes. Still a far cry from 120, but not a short wait by any means.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:


Although this one makes me laugh because they are like “No one is talking about the crowds” (watch my video) When in fact that’s what blogs like ours have been talking about for weeks, but yeah.

I saw someone post photos yesterday of the end of the line for Splash Mountain and the End of the Line for Pirates of the Caribbean almost meeting.

Is it as bad as before, likely not, but it feels just as bad as busy days before. Even if there are fewer people, what you will experience is a normal busy day at the parks. Except now you have to wear a mask, you can’t eat or drink unless you are stopped completely and don’t move from your spot, there are no FastPasses, there are no real parades and night-time shows, traditional character meet-and-greets are not happening right now, people will invade your personal 6 feet of space, etc, and you can’t park hop. But you do get to pay the same prices for the lesser experience.

I fully expect the crowd levels to increase more and more in the coming weeks. It’s not just weekends either. We were there on weekdays and they were terrible too.

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Source: Twitter, tweets belong to the accounts that posted them.

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