Walt Disney World Vice President, Clarifies That July Bookings Don’t Necessarily Mean July Opening


Everyone is talking about how Disneyland and Walt Disney World are allowing reservations for July, 2020. Today during the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force meeting, Thomas Mazloum, Walt Disney World’s Vice President, clarified that July reservations don’t necessarily mean a July opening.

During the conversation, Chuck Whittall, President of Unicorp, turned the conversation to Walt Disney World taking July reservations and Thomas Mazloum, immediately jumped in to clarify the situation:

Mazloum- “Allow me to clarify. We have taken reservations for July, but that should not mean we’re operating in July yet. We, as you all saw on the news yesterday, we’ve opened up Shanghai, which went extremely well. We were very prudent, very, very conservative and things went extremely well. But at this point we have really nothing to report about Walt Disney World yet. We, as we have said continuously, we will allow data to guide us, as well as the governments, and not a specific date. I just wanted to make sure we have clarity around that, but thank you for asking.”

So just because they are taking reservations does not mean, for Walt Disney World at least, that they are opening for sure. It does seem like Mr. Whittal has been pushing in the meetings for more concrete information regarding theme parks and their reopening plans. I get that they want to reopen the theme parks because they are very important to the local economy, but the parks are not going to open before they’re ready or the feel secure. No one wants to create an infection pocket over jumping to opening too soon, but as an observer, I definitely get the vibe that there’s pushing there.

Of course, this might be discouraging news for those celebrating their July bookings, and I do want to point out that Mr. Mazloum did stress the word “yet” when he said that it didn’t mean July. So they could still be shooting for July, but they aren’t at a place where they can 100% set that month.

If and when Disney gives us more information we will share it with you.

You can watch the meeting here:

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Source: OrangeTV

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