Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Hit Capacity Limits This Weekend


It’s Labor Day weekend so many people are out and about for the three-day weekend. This is good news for Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld as they are “sold out” with their capacity caps. However, some felt it came at the cost of social distancing.

Of course many were posting images of the crowds online:
In this video it doesn’t look to bad if I’m being honest.


It seems the majority of issues tend to me when people enter and exit en masse.

A lot of people said it really wasn’t that bad after the crowds dispersed around the park areas. Lines had longer wait times, but social distanced they appeared longer. Plus they have cleaning protocols and social distancing protocols that make the lines take a bit longer.

Remember the parks hit their capacity limits, but those limits are only a fraction of what they usually are.

For example Walt Disney World is at about 30% capacity. Here’s a chart that ClickOrlando shared:

A couple of things to note here. 1. If that’s 30% how many people are there normally? 2. Hollywood Studios operates at the lowest limits. So that coupled with the demand for the new attractions is why it’s always quick to “sell out.” 3. When those crowd disperse it’s what would be considered a light day at the parks under normal circumstances.

It’s also important to note that “hitting capacity” clearly doesn’t mean what it did a year ago. Parks could hit capacity now and still not be doing well financially. Layoffs are still happening. Employees are still not coming back yet. It’s still going to be awhile until the parks can bounce back enough to become financially stable again.

Moving forward I completely expect the parks to fill up for events like holidays and long weekends. If you were planning on being there on those days expect more people and make sure to get Park Passes early, for places that require them.

If you do go please just follow the guidelines. It isn’t about whether or not you believe they should be there, it’s about the regulations a company has stipulated before you enter. I would expect that if you went to all the trouble and expense to be there, you would want to be allowed to stay there.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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