Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Sea World Still Have No Opening Date Planned


Today was another meeting for the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force and during the meeting Chuck Whittall, President of Unicorp, asked Thomas Mazloum from Walt Disney World, Richard Costales from Universal Orlando and Brad Gilmour from Sea World, when they were expecting to reopen as they had June books available on thier websites.

The short answer is they don’t know. But I transcribed what they said for you to take a look at:

Thomas Mazloum, Walt Disney World:

Look, Uhm, we do not have any opening date yet. Some of you may know that we, at this point,were taking bookings that were in june. That doesn’t mean that we are opening in June. At this time, uhm, I just want to make it clear that we do not have any plans to share about Walt Disney World, or for that matter, any of our other parks at this point. Clearly regulatory guidance is an important element of this in each area and country that we work, and uh, at this point, I just want to be clear that we simply don’t have any plans to share about Walt Disney World yet.”

Chuck Whittall asked:

“It’s been written that you guys may wait until January one, but we hoped that wouldn’t be the case. I think it would be preferable for a lot of central Florida businesses. Uh, do we think it will be an upcoming, near future, verses longer future?”

Thomas Mazloum:

“Well Chuck, uhm, I’m, as you can imagine, don’t want to comment on any speculations. I simply don’t have a lot more information to share as of this point. At this point, we simply uhm, you know, are closed until further notice and I’m not in a position right now to share anything publicly about Walt Disney World.”

Chuck Whittall:

“What about Universal or Sea World? Do you have anything you can add any color to?”

Richard Costales- Universal Orlando

Quite awhile ago we did announce that we would be closed through May 31st, uhm, and really uh, we haven’t made a decision as to when exactly we would open back up our theme parks, and really can’t do that until we uh, hear what government and health officials recommend. Uh, and how this phasing will eventually roll out. So, we likewise are kind of in limbo right now and we really, certainly are hoping to see the statistics that we see on a daily basis get better and better. But to speculate on anything past what we’ve announced as a closing date, May 31st, wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Chuck Whittall asked if Sea World had anything to add.

Brad Gilmour: Sea World

“No not really. I think that we’re in the same situation as Disney and Universal. What I would add is that we have a variety of leaders on our team that are on, working on several industrial committees, as we all develop best practices to get to a spot where these properties can reopen.”

So it doesn’t appear we have any opening dates as of yet. None of the parks were ready to announce any dates and sound like they are trying to put safely first, even if the area businesses want more concrete information.  Frankly they are doing what they should do.

If you would like to listen to the meeting you can do so below.

We will update with more information as it becomes available.

Source: YouTube

Hat tip to WDWNT

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