Walt Disney World To Remove Tower of Terror Billboard

Image Credit: Pluto Has Fleas

Disney has made yet another choice that will upset long time parks fans. This time they have apparently decided to remove the Tower of Terror billboard. Last year it was repaired after it hadn’t been working properly and now they are removing it all together.

What are they replacing it with? Apparently landscaping. Yeah, that’s not better Disney.

So far they aren’t changing the Tower of Terror attraction, but given the way they want to IP everything, it’s likely going to happen eventually. In Disneyland they turned it into the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction but since Walt Disney World now has the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, it’s unlikely they would go that route. My money would be on something Marvel themed though.

Let’s hope they don’t do that. As of now it is remaining as is.

Twitter never disappoints. Here’s the reaction:

There are construction vehicles around it.

Personally I think the Skyliner cheapens the look of the entire property.

Me too.

If they replaced it with something just as fun I would be more okay with it, but the reports are it’s being replaced with landscaping.

I guess they aren’t charging to see it so we should be thankful.

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Image credit: Pluto Has Fleas

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