Walt Disney World Resorts Now Issuing Personal Security Tips

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Previously it was reported that some guests were having their credit card information stolen after someone claiming to be from the front desk would call their room or their cell phone and ask for them to verify their address and credit card information. It was reported that this would usually happen after a guest made a request like extra towels. The callers would have information about the guests name and resort room number. As a result the Orange County Sheriff’s office began and investigation. WDWNT who reported that story is now reporting an update to the story.

It now appears that Walt Disney World is issuing personal security tips via their Walt Disney resort room televisions.

It says:

“Personal Security Tips

The security and confidentiality of your personal information is extremely important to us. We ask that you exercise caution when discussing your sensitive personal information over the telephone or in person.

It is important to practice the following security tips when traveling:

  1. Do  not give your credit card information if you did not initiate the call. Use caution when disclosing your credit card number over the phone.
  2. Always keep your credit cards and receipts secure and out of public view.
  3. Keep your resort rooms locked at all times.

These are all good tips, but most people already know this information. However, if someone got a call saying they were from the “front desk” and they knew the room number, name, etc. Most people would verify their information.  If the reports are true that this was how it happened, it’s completely understandable that a guest would comply.

For future reference don’t give your credit card information out over the phone. If someone from the front desk calls I would recommend saying that you “Will be down shortly” so that you can deal with it in person.

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Full Credit to: WDWNT

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