Walt Disney World Raises Prices on Resort Refillable Mugs

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Disney has raised the cost of another item (because of course they did.) The resort refillable mugs have once again increased in price. For those who are unfamiliar, when you stay at a Walt Disney World resort you can buy a mug that has unlimited drink refills for a set price. It’s unlimited during your stay and can be refilled at the stations, but you usually have to wait a bit in between refills.

Previously the price was $19.99 and now it has increased to $21.99. Again, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you start adding up all the price increases multiplied by the number of people in your party, it starts to add up.

It’s also important to note that every time Disney does this it’s seems like a small amount and the company and pixie dusters will say “It’s only a (insert amount here.)” However, it keeps happening.

This tweet summed it up nicely:

Sure, you can still get your money’s worth, but more and more people will likely share cups within their group to cut down costs. While people might use the mug when they go home or collect them for display, many just leave them behind. I’ve also seen a bunch at local thrift stores. If you are buying them to collect or reuse, the increase won’t seem like that big of a deal.

At this point, even if it’s not a large price hike and even if you can get your “money’s worth” people are turned off because they see it as just another price gouging technique for the “Disney difference.”

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Source: WDWNT

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