Walt Disney World Monorail and People Mover Having Issues Today

(Source: Disney)

What is going on over at Walt Disney World?

The last couple weeks have not been good, especially at the Magic Kingdom. We had a boat sink at the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion was down for days, the People Mover had a collision, and there were other things too.

Today it seems that the Monorail and the TTA People Mover were having issues according to Twitter user @JohnVitalee

First the Monorail doors would not close when they were leaving the for the Transportation and Ticket Center:

Now Monorail Coral is being serviced on the line so the Monorail is now temporarily closed.

Disney really needs to repair or replace the Monorails.

Then the same Twitter user was on the People Mover when they evacuated it again:

I’m really worried we are going to lose the People Mover like they did in Disneyland. We love it! But there has been so many problems with it in the last few months. It was smoking one day, then there have been evacuations from it a few times just in the last couple of weeks.

Maybe Disney needs to take some money and put it towards maintenance. The more this happens the more I worry about what EPCOT will end up being, and especially Spaceship Earth, if they have to divert money back to maintaining attractions.

Since it looks like the company will take a big hit this year between stock drops, Coronavirus, Cancellations, New content costs, and more, I don’t know where they will be getting the money.  I’m just waiting for the second round of major price hikes to hit the parks in an attempt to make up for it. Hoping that does not end up being the case, but they just tried to get rid of “complimentary bread” so who knows.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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