Walt Disney World Likely to Increase Capacity for Summer


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on with Walt Disney World’s upcoming capacity given the math we’re looking at. With numerous reports that Disney is hiring back just about any cast member they can find, we’re relatively positive that Disney would only bring back their staff to such high levels if they also plan on having high guest numbers. Given that they’ve already hit capacity reservations for much of the summer, and have been scrambling to increase hours to pre-pandemic levels, it looks like it’s going to be a busy, semi-normal time at Disney real soon.

Following Layoffs, Disney World is Rehiring Again

So, just to review, if you are Disney and your current capacity levels are manageable with your current cast member numbers… why exactly would you be hiring again? And just to go further into this, even if you are hiring for slightly longer shifts due to increased hours, does that really get to the level of basically bringing back every position out there? Given that previously capacity-limited days in June have been switched to availability, we’re thinking there’s no way possible for that to happen unless capacity is being increased (something we expect to be announced in May). To emphasize, the entire month of June suddenly has room for reservations again as of yesterday.

Considering Bob Chapek is in the real estate buying mood, it’s probably a sign he’s feeling confident about Disney’s forward fortunes:

So let’s speculate for just a moment. Knowing that Disneyland is reopening at the very end of this month (i.e. the beginning of May), and understanding that Disney was careful not to do anything at Disney World that could spook the California politicians… is it at least a little plausible that Disney is now more free to ease COVID restrictions with Disneyland opening regardless? And given that Disney has not had any publicly known outbreaks resulting from Walt Disney World, would it not make sense to think that they’re ready for more guests and more money? They’re in Florida, after all, where the sun and surf are seeing far less mandates than some other American locales. In fact, it’s practically back to normal in Florida as if they’re pre-pandemic, and their numbers are better than California and the northeast. We’re not condoning or suggesting anyone take the disease less seriously, but we do have to present the facts as they exist.

Now all of this is not to say that Disneyland capacity is likely to change anytime soon. Frankly, it’s a miracle California let it open at all.

As we look for capacity changes at Disney World in Orlando, one of the signs we’ll be watching for is whether or not more restaurants reopen. If we see Columbia Harbor House or Boma back up and running, or if we see chefs and servers retrained, then capacity changes are imminent. Already we’re seeing some mask restriction easing with guests being allowed to remove masks outdoors for stationary photos.

It’s worth mentioning that up until the pandemic, Walt Disney World has traditionally been the crown jewel in profits for the Disney Parks… which might mean they’d like to get that restored as fast as possible if Disney+ subscriptions are slowing down like we’re hearing.

Let us know in the comments below if you’d feel safe at Disney World with lighter restrictions and higher capacities!

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