Walt Disney World Giving Alternate Discount To Those That Booked Free Dining Deals

(photo credit: Disney)

According to Chip and Co. Walt Disney World guests that had booked their trips with free dining are now being given a different discount now that their original free dining deal has been discontinued.

This is something we wondered about as Disney was letting people rebook cancelled trips with free dining offers as well. If they took that away what were those guests going to get as a replacement? Well now it appears we have that answer.

From Chip and Co:

It says:

A portion of the email reads:

“We will be modifying your package to remove the dining plan. As an accommodation, the price of the package will be adjusted to reflect at 35% savings on the room portion.  This modified package and price will be provided in a new confirmation. You will receive a refund of the difference in the package price if you have already paid in full or a reduction in amount due if you have not yet made final payment. 

There’s nothing you need to do at this time. We will be contacting you shortly with more details about the process to secure new reservations, including our new dining and experience reservation window which will accommodate selections up to 60 days prior to arrival to allow for planning closer to your visit. 

At this time, while systems update, we are temporarily suspending all modifications. However, you have the option of canceling your entire reservation at any time.

You do not have to do anything. Disney will either send you the refund on trips paid in full, or automatically deduct the savings from what you owe.

I’m just glad they are doing something to make up for it. It’s one of the first things us, and travel agent friends, thought of when we saw that they were cancelling dining plans. It made that rebooking offer for those that got their original trip cancelled over COVID-19 closures, invalid.

Now doing the math, it’s likely not a better deal, but how much less of a deal would depend on how many people were in your party getting free dining and where you were staying.

But it’s better than nothing.

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Source: Chip and Co.

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