Walt Disney World Cast Members Save the Day For a Little Boy Who’s Toy Was Stolen

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

I love this story so much.

We report on Disney news, good and bad and I always say that the cast members are who make Disney extra special and worth the trip and this just makes me stand by that 1000 times more! Disney your strength is in your people. Please remember that!

On the Disney Cast Member Magic Facebook Page a woman named Allison posted about her son’s pterodactyl plush and how after it was taken, Disney cast members did everything they could to make it right!  This story and ones like it are why I’m still a Disney parks fan!

Here’s the original post:

Allison’s son had a gift card and he purchased a pterodactyl from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He loved the toy immediately and named him Ted.

The next day they took Ted to the Magic Kingdom and he was apparently taken when they were riding an attraction.

When they got back to the hotel the mom went to customer service and asked if she could get another one and not have to go back to the Animal Kingdom. The cast member learned about what happened and assured the mom she would get one delivered to the room.

But the story doesn’t end there. See she didn’t want the little boy to think that bad things like theft happen in the Magic Kingdom, so she and other cast members got him a new dinosaur and a friend. They crafted an entire story, with pictures, of Ted going back to Animal Kingdom to get his friend “Teddy” and how they spent the day until they arrived back to him.

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

Ted and Teddy started their adventure in the Dinosaur gift shop. There they got directions.

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

Before they left they had to visit their friends Daisy and Donald. Of course they needed a Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

On their way out security checked to make sure they weren’t escaping and then they helped them on their way.

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

They took the Skyliner to see how “humans fly” and arrived at Old Port Royale at the Carribbean Beach Resort (one of my favorites.)

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

There they stopped at the front desk to find out which room they needed to get to.

(Photo Credit: Allison Davis)

As a mom this made me cry. I’m not going to deny it. I cried.  With all the not so stellar things Disney has been doing lately, this story sums up why Disney parks are still special to me. People ask me why I still care? This story is why I care.  The cast members make the difference! I keep saying it! I will continue to say it!

“Thank you” to all those amazing people and “thank you” to Allison for sharing her amazing story!

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Source: Disney Cast Member Magic Page

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