Walt Disney World Buses to Test New Computers and Software Soon

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Transportation at The Walt Disney World Resort is about to be much more convenient and efficient as Disney buses receive a significant software upgrade.

Prior to the extended shutdown of Walt Disney World, buses had quietly received a major update to their computers allowing them to operate much more like public transportation. The new options afforded to drivers and guests had meant that schedules were known up to a week in advance, and routes were calculated down to the minute. But as soon as the new program was up and running, Walt Disney World was suddenly not. And thus, almost nobody in the public sphere knew that Disney had a great new system ready to go with their transportation system.

Since then, buses still have not been able to go back to the proprietary system due to the furloughs and diminished number of buses moving on the resort. Still, with rumors beginning to swirl that Disney is preparing for a capacity ceiling increase in November, there’s hope that drivers will soon be using the new system once more. Hopefully for guests, this means that those long periods of time where five buses to the same park come and go empty before the one you’re waiting on arrives will now be a thing of the past.

Still, there are hurdles that the new program was not able to fully test through prior to the shutdown of WDW. Once the new software is back up and running again, drivers will have a period of time to train with the computers to iron out issues with traffic situations, the Skyliner being shut down due to thunder (thus increasing bus demand), boats and Monorial closures, etc. To get to that test period, Disney will need the number of guests – and buses – to return closer to normal.

However long it takes to get the buses back to normal usage, it’s neat to know that Disney invests in behind-the-scenes infrastructure like bus computers and software just to try to improve the guest experience. Of course, getting guests to their reservations, hotels, stores, etc, is much better for the Disney revenue stream too.

What do you think about the changes you’ll be seeing to transportation in 2021? Have you ever been stranded waiting for a bus, or gotten out of Typhoon Lagoon only to be stuck soaking wet waiting for your resort’s transportation to finally arrive? Let us know in the comments below!

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