Walt Disney World Adds Walt Disney Footage Into Enchantment Show. Damage Control?


Walt Disney World has a castle projection and fireworks show (nighttime spectacular) at the Magic Kingdom called ‘Disney Enchantment.’ Recently they added a two minute segment featuring Walt Disney to the program. The new footage features Walt Disney, Roy Disney and Mickey Mouse.

This comes after the Walt Disney Company came under fire for cutting Walt Disney’s opening day speech during the Disneyland Anniversary ceremony and rumors of the company cutting “Walt” from Walt Disney World and just calling it “Disney World.”

Now the part about removing Walt from Disney World I think is just because most people call it “Disney World” and it fits better with “Disneyland” but I find them adding the extra two minutes of Walt to ‘Enchantment’ interesting in it’s timing.

If it is damage control it’s working. WDW fans are praising the new footage. However, many are saying that given it’s the park’s 50th Anniversary it should have been done last October when the ‘Disney Enchantment’ show debuted. We are headed for the 51st anniversary of the park on October 1, 2022.


Because now people are calling them out for “erasing Walt” and they need to deflect.

I agree Roy Disney does not get enough credit!

The timing is very odd. This all should have been there from the debut of the show back in October, 2021. When you see the backlash and consumer complaints about erasing Walt Disney, it’s too convenient for me to believe it’s all coincidence. Or maybe they are doing this to prove they aren’t erasing Walt from Walt Disney World when they change the name to “Disney World?”  Who knows.

Like others have said “Better late than never.”

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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